Sold by JAS Custom Skis or Snowboard

$ 795.00

Skis and snowboard are only available to purchase through MeierPurchase Here

JAS Meier Custom Skis: $795


Level : Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Lengths : 156, 161, 166, 171, 176, 181, 186

Sidecut Radius : 15m, 16m, 17m, 18m & 19m

Tip/Waist/Tail : 134-88-111

Weight:  6.6 - 7.8 lbs

**Other models available with this graphic, email us at for pricing and details

JAS Meier Custom Snowboard: $695

With an effective edge of 127.5 and low swing weight, this board is effective.


What it looks like: V rocker with unlimited possibilities. Camber when you NEED it, not all the time. Why do you want camber in powder…yuck!

What it’s for: Well have you ever wanted one board for everything?  This is for you.  From park to groomers to steep narrow couloirs, you will find yourself smiling again after years of snowboard design drought.