Hot Club Membership (JAS Cafe)


$4,000 Contribution / $2,000 Fair Market Value

All the Basic Membership benefits plus:

  • Total of 20 JAS Café tickets for the year
  • Co-Hosting of a JAS Café performance designated by JAS
  • Recognition and announcement as Co-Host at the performance from the stage and in the JAS Café program
  • Donor listing in the JAS Café program and promotional material as Additional Support of the JAS Café

    Event Cancellation Policy: The cost of each VIP Donor Pass for the JAS June & Labor Day Experience (Gold, Silver or National Council) and National Council Memberships includes a fair market value component for admission to the event and a tax deductible donation, which supports all JAS education & performance programming year-round.  If the event is cancelled for any reason, only the fair market value (FMV) component will be refunded or credited for future use. The tax deductible donation will not be refunded under any circumstances, including if the event is cancelled, as your donation and tax deduction will be acknowledged (per IRS rules) in the year in which you made the donation.   JAS cannot carry forward this donation to the following year under any circumstances. JAS proudly uses the tax-deductible donation in furtherance of JAS’ Mission of music education and performance programming. If you elect to receive a credit for the FMV to a future event, if the ticket for the future event includes a tax deductible contribution component or increased FMV, you will need to pay the difference in connection with the new ticket value.   

    For example, if you purchased a ticket to an event for $1,500 that included a $500 fair market value component and a $1,000 tax-deductible donation, if the event is cancelled you would be entitled to a refund of $500 or a $500 credit against a ticket for a future event with JAS.