JAS/JFMAF Sonic Auction: Peyton Manning Painting

This item is part of the Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) and Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund (JFMAF) Scholarship Fund Auction
Limited Edition Print of Peyton Manning - Signed by Manning - Valued at $1,000

One of 200 prints of this limited edition painting of Peyton Manning - signed by Peyton himself. 

Peyton laid the first paint on the canvas and paced the last mark on the painting by signing it. We produced a limited run of 200 replica copies of the painting – each replica was signed by Peyton. The replicas are 24”x 21”. I have attached an image of the painting.

From the artist –

“When I reflect on Peyton Manning's storied NFL career, I think of leadership, of movement, of energy, of execution. I remember his poise under pressure, his gift for bringing out the best in his teammates, and most vividly, his distinct hand signals that preceded so many epic plays. I used those memories, and the feelings they conjured, every time I approached the canvas. 

My intention was to capture Peyton's legacy on the field by combining physical form with my abstract, layered, textural style. After dozens of iterations over the last three months, full of efforts not unlike those of athletes, I finally landed on a composition that felt right. My goals with the finished piece are twofold: first, to invite Peyton's fans into his shoes so they can experience the timeless moment I chose to represent his careerclock ticking, adversaries approaching, crowd roaring, and pressure building. Finding clarity in the chaos is something we can all aspire to, whether in helmets and pads or in your chosen daily uniform. 

More importantly, I wish to use this painting to thank Peyton for the memories and inspiration he offered those of us who followed his career. If, upon seeing the canvas, some of the emotions he felt while playing are stirred up again, I'll consider what I've created a success. 

Thank you for trusting me with this experience."

-Will Day, 2017